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Welcome to Photo Xpeditions


PhotoXpeditions custom-designs immersive and experiential-based journeys and photography adventures and workshops that allow our travelers and students to connect with the communities and cultures they visit and with the globally renowned experts and photographers who lead our programs and contribute to the creation of exciting, memorable life-enriching experiences.

We work in some of the most interesting destinations on the planet and, while we run several scheduled trips and workshops, we offer the option of fully customized, unique and exciting itineraries that match the needs and interests of the people and organizations we work for. 

Our destinations include Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Iceland and Spain among others, and our programs range from photographing the Day of the Dead celebrations in Oaxaca, Mexico to trying Iberian ham in a pig farm in Southern Spain to an adventure pilgrimage along the way of St. James and a Private Train Adventure across Northern Spain. We carefully handcraft every single detail and experience of the itineraries with your interests and preferences at heart, to make it the most memorable of all travels.

Whether you would like to have a private photography workshop or adventure for your group led by an award-winning photographer, a culinary adventure with a renowned food critique and writer, a cultural journey with a history or archaeology expert or to build a very special itinerary for your group and leaders, we would love to help! 


To explore the possibilities and begin planning your journey, contact us at +1 888-741-3974




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