Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, Mexico

Mexico has been involved in the celebration of the ‘The Day of the Dead’ for a long time now. It is celebrated on 2nd November and usually goes on for the days between 31st October and 2nd November. 1st November marks the “El Día de los Inocentes”. It is the children’s and All Saints Day.


The Day of the Dead Photography Workshop
A special kind of ‘Day of the Dead’ celebration takes place in Oaxaca, Mexico. Photographers are invited to experience the warm festivities and capture memories for a lifetime. Participants get to join brilliant documentary photographers- Mary Ellen Mark and Tino Soriano to be a part of a special photography workshop that is based on project work in Oaxaca, Mexico as the Day of the Dead is being celebrated!


All over the world, the “Día de Muertos” is known as the original graphic cult famous for its grandeur, energy and also its intimacy and warmth. The students will love experiencing some of the best Mexican feasts while sitting in the midst of candles and enjoying the beautiful aroma of Marigold, which is also known as the ‘flower of dead’. Other things to look forward to include amazing performances by street dancers called ‘Comparsas’ in the Etla Valley, something that you might not find anywhere else in the world.  Students will have an opportunity to get some brilliant photographs with graveyards houses as an exquisite backdrop.


Day of Death in Oaxaca - Altar - Mexico

Photo © Tino Soriano


What to Expect at the Oaxaca Photography Workshop
The Day of the Dead, 2015 edition photography workshop is an intensive workshop for photographers from various backgrounds. It is a ten-day workshop and is being conducted by Mary Ellen Mark who has been teaching photography for over twenty three years. The workshop is co-instructed by Tino Soriano who is a National Geographic photographer.
The students attending the workshop will get the chance to have one-on-one feedback sessions with Mary Ellen and Tino Soriano. They will be shooting their own personal projects while closely observing and enjoying the festivities of the Day of the Dead-its traditions, group discussions, lectures. As the students work each day, they are sure to see dramatic improvements in their photography skills.
All the celebrations and processions which are characteristic of this beautiful festival in Mexico will be on throughout the time of the workshop and the energy would be the highest in between 31st October and 2nd November!
More information about the workshop here

Day of Death in Oaxaca - Mexico - Dancing "Danzon"

Photo © Tino Soriano



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