8 student workshop with Martin Bell, Mary Ellen Mark, Einar Falur Ingolfsson and Ingibjorg Johannsdottir.





** Limited to 6-8 students


Led by filmmaker Martin Bell, this filmmaking workshop is geared towards people who are transitioning into the world of video filmmaking.  It is not a technical class, but will focus more on the construction of a narrative film story.

The workshop starts on Sunday, August 2nd, 2014 with a group dinner at a local restaurant where we will join the photography workshop students and instructors. On August 3rd both workshops will meet for portfolio review a group critique.  The film students can present up to 10 minutes of work to be critiqued.  You will discuss what you might be interested in shooting during the class. Students will receive a list of possible subjects in advance so they can give it some thought and start working right away.  In some cases, the subjects will require additional travel, so advance arrangements need to be made.

During the workshop each student will produce a 1-10 minute film. Students will start shooting on Tuesday, August 4th.  Each person will schedule a 20-minute appointment to meet with Martin every day so he can review the progress and give shooting and editing advice. (Students traveling outside of Reykjavik to shoot will meet with Martin upon their return.) The one-on-one meetings with Martin will be scheduled for a regular time, but the shooting and editing schedule will be up to each student. Students should bring their own video camera and a laptop with their own editing software. The School of Photography will have Macintosh workstations with Final Cut Pro available.  (This workshop will not include editing software instruction, but there will be someone at the school to address small issues and problems.). Each evening, both the photography and film students will come together for a group class.  Mary Ellen, Effi, Martin, and Inga will show you their work. Other Icelandic photographers and filmmakers will come as guest speakers to show their work.


On the last day of the workshop both classes will have a group critique where the films and edited photographs will be presented. That evening, everyone’s work will be presented in a local gallery. This workshop will provide a framework to all film students to have a better understanding of shooting and editing a film while offering a wonderful opportunity to experience Iceland. 




  1. On the first evening the class meets at a local restaurant to have your first dinner together.


  1. On Monday, August 3rd, there is a general session to discuss possible assignments you will be shooting. One on one discussions will take place throughout the day at the REYKJAVIK MUSEUM of PHOTOGRAPHY.


  1. Upon reviewing all assignments and talking about your interests you will be given an individual assignment or theme to shoot and edit over the course of the workshop. Einar and Inga live in Reykjavick and have many ideas and contacts in the area to make the most out of your workshop.


  1. Students will shoot and edit every day for Ten (10) Review, edit and critique sessions will require that you bring a computer.


  1. Each student is given a specific time to meet individually with Martin according to whether you have enough material for the review session or not. These meetings are held at the School of Photography.


  1. Every evening, the class comes together at the school to discuss your progress, and to see the work of local artists and filmmakers.


  1. The film showcase will take place on Thursday, August 13th.  This is the first time you’ll see each other’s work from Iceland. It will be fascinating and exciting to see the film each student produced during the workshop.



This class is for people starting in film-making and people who are still indecisive about whether to shoot still photography or video.  This workshop will provide a framework to all film students to have a better understanding of shooting and editing a film while offering a wonderful opportunity to experience Iceland.



Attendees must bring their video camera, computer, software for editing and sufficient disc storage. Previous knowledge of equipment is required for this workshop.


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  • Workshop August 2 – 13th, 2015
  • $2,995for tuition only
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    • Iceland residents fee is $2,495.00 USD.
    • Please note that we have separated a block of rooms and negotiated a special rate at Hotel Cabin in Reykjavik at a rate of $150 USD per night. If you are interested in securing a room at this hotel please let us know at the time of booking your workshop.


started out as a freelance cinematographer for documentaries and drama on English television before coming to the U.S. 20 years ago. Martin is at ease in both documentary and narrative storytelling.  He has directed such documentaries as Academy Award nominated “Streetwise”, which followed the lives of runaway kids on the streets of Seattle and “Circus of Dreams” set in the Indian Circus for National Geographic Television.  He has directed narrative features films including “American Heart” starring Jeff Bridges and “Hidden in America”, featuring both Beau and Jeff Bridges.

His latest film “Prom” explores the lives of teenagers as they transition from childhood to adulthood.  Three-hundred students were interviewed on their prom night about relationships, schoolwork, family, friends, and their hopes and dreams for the future. The film is a companion piece to his wife Mary Ellen Mark’s photographic project of the same name.  “Prom” was in the opening night program at the Los Angeles Shorts Fest. His ongoing film project, “A New York Story”, aims to capture the energy and resilient spirit of New York City since September 11, 2001.

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