Getting the Best Out of Your Smartphone Camera

There has been a lot of technological development in camera phones in the last few years. The smartphone cameras commonly used today might not still be equipped to take high-end quality images at one go; however, you can follow some tips to get the best possibly quality images out of the camera of your smartphone.


Crop Instead of Zooming


Several smartphone cameras will offer you a function called the ‘digital zoom’. But it is best to avoid using this function altogether. You will begin to notice in the preview itself that the picture quality gets degraded the moment you zoom in. This is because the camera will be extrapolating what exists.


But when you crop an image, you merely sample pixel information which was in fact recorded. Several smartphones come with an 8-megapixel camera resolution or even more. This gives a lot of scope for cropping and still keep substantial amount of resolution for displaying on cloud.


Using Flash Judiciously


There has been a lot hype surrounding LED flashes; however they might not be as amazing as they are portrayed to be. If there is insufficient amount of light in the background, they do ensure that it is possible to take a shot, but if the “auto” mode is on, phones end up using flash unnecessarily at all times. Remember that the light from white LED can be quite ugly. Even in dim settings at times, you might like to turn off the flash as it would get you better looking pictures. So take a shot without the flash whenever in doubt!


Playing with App Settings


Depending on the specific smartphone being used by you and the accompanying camera app, there are some settings which can be adjusted prior to taking pictures. You can always get hold of a better version of a camera app or a latest camera app to improve the quality of pictures. These camera apps include Camera+ used in iPhone and CameraZOOM FX used in Android. You will find a lot of such apps in the market so look around and shop for the most suitable ones.


Pay Attention to the Resolution


Majority of the camera applications come with a setting which allows the users to snap images using different resolutions. If you wish to send out a photo quickly via MMS, low resolution works best. However, if you’re clicking a picture which you wish to retain, switch to high resolution.


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