How to get High Speed Photography Right

As a new photographer, you’ve probably wondered how it’s possible to capture stunning images of objects that move fast. For instance, if you were to go through a sporting or automotive magazine, you’ll find fast moving sports cars captured in a way that make them look like they’re standing still. Just the thought of capturing something so fast in such detail can stupefy you. Well, truth be told, there’s nothing to it. In fact, if you know your photography well enough, learning high speed photography won’t be a problem at all. Here are a few tips to help you get started.


Shutter speed


When it comes to shooting high-speed subjects, shutter speed is your trusted buddy. However, choosing the right shutter speed depends on how fast the subject is. Generally, the higher your shutter speed, the easier it is to capture fast moving subjects. Keep experimenting till you arrive at the right setting. Also, objects moving past the camera will need to be shot with a higher shutter speed than objects moving towards the camera. For instance, a car moving towards the camera at average speed should be captured with a shutter speed of 1/1000, while a car moving past the camera will need to be shot with a shutter speed of 1/4000.




Regulating the shutter speed, will also require you to regulate your ISO. The point is to reach an ISO setting that helps you capture your high speed subject, without compromising on the exposure levels. Make sure you do not increase the ISO beyond a certain point.




A wider aperture will help you receive more light with increased shutter speeds. However, aperture settings can impact your depth of field too. So, you will have to strike a balance between the focal length range and the amount of light required.




If you’ve ever been to an environment where lights flashed in poorly lit areas, you would’ve noticed that the flashing light tends to create a freezing effect. Flash is one of the easiest ways to click high-speed subjects because of this very reason. Flash has the ability to capture moving subjects effectively, irrespective of the shutter speed. However, it works only if the subject is located as close as possible.


Camera trigger


You can also try using a camera trigger. With the help of a trigger, you won’t need to use a higher shutter speed. Instead you can use the trigger along with your flash in order to capture a sharp and clear image.


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