New York as a Photographic Destination

New York City is buzzing with cameras. Majority of the visitors would try and capture the most iconic landmarks in the city such as the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. However, professional travel photographers typically try and capture the city’s spirit by viewing it through the eyes of a local.


Below are some of the most amazing locations to shoot in New York City. It doesn’t if you are using a professional DSLR camera or your smartphone, you will definitely get some outstanding pictures at these locations. So get on with your camera of choice and click away in this beautiful destination.


1.  Times Square
A visit to New York City without a photo session at the historic Times Square is unthinkable. There is so much color and energy at the Times Square that it almost looks magical. It might be among the most abundantly photographed places in the world, but try and get your own unique shot here!


2. Brooklyn Bridge
If you wish to take more unconventional shots, visit Brooklyn Bridge. You would be able to get some very interesting pictures with a variety of perspectives, angles and lines. This is perhaps the ideal setup to shoot for portraits.


3. Grand Central Station
Looking for some candid shots? Get to the Grand Central Station! You will be able to capture some brilliant artwork and architecture and plenty of intriguing faces.


Mary Ellen Mark’s Photography Workshop in NYC



© Wendy Blake, Mary Ellen Mark´s student in 2014

Mary Ellen Mark´s New York Photography Workshop will be held in the month of July, 2015. It is an intensive workshop based on project work that will last for 10 days and is open to photographers of different backgrounds.

On the first day, there will be a team portfolio review. This would help in identifying the strengths as well as the weaknesses of participating photographers. Mary Ellen Mark will then offer help to students in selecting a project which they can photograph every day when the class is being held. Students will also be able to undertake street photography in one of the most vibrant cities on the planet.


Things to look Forward To


Students attending the workshop will have access to locations and people that otherwise would be impossible in such a short period of time. They would get the chance to photograph events, families, artists and things which might not be easily accessible to the general public. What’s more is that summer is the best time for students to be in New York because a lot of special events are happening at this time, specially the Pride Day Parade.

Students attending the workshop will be able to experience NY in a very unique way, with the best possible access to events and people helped by Mary Ellen who has created some of her most iconic images here. The workshop is designed in a special way and allows for a one-on-one critical discussion with Mary Ellen Mark while shooting individual projects.



© Laurie Baxter, Mary Ellen Mark´s student in 2014



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