Photographers Guide to Instagram

Instagram witnesses an influx of over 60 million photographs every day. The app has single-handedly revolutionized the art of photography in a matter of just a few years. Thanks to Instagram, photography has a new-found love and appreciation like never before. The app has managed to arouse the creative genius hiding inside every individual across the globe. It continues to serve as a unique platform to aspiring photographers who want to market their skills to the larger audience. So, here are few ways in which you can use Instagram to launch your photography career.


Keep posting


Keep clicking and posting your photos so that you can get as much attention as possible. The more you post your pictures and share them, the higher your chances of getting hired for a project. Photographer Paul Octavious started posting his personal projects on Instagram, which led to a slow following that eventually put him on the map. Today, Paul carries out projects for clients such as New Balance, iHeartRadio, McDonald’s and a host of others. He has more than 545,000 followers on his Instagram profile.


Click unique photos


Take photos that stand out and attract attention. Avoid sticking to the usual stuff. Instagram photographer, Michael O’Neal built his career shooting the sights and sounds of San Francisco. His photos targeted all the quirky and unique things about the city. Today, O’Neal works with some of the biggest brands to promote their products and services.


© Geoffrey Hiller

© Geoffrey Hiller

Pick a subject/theme


One way to build your photography career using Instagram is to stick to a particular subject or theme. This way your photography remains consistent and you get noticed for your signature style. It is also much easier to build a brand when you have a specific theme in your photos. Hiroaki Fukuda is an Instagramer who built his career in photography by sticking to a particular subject. Fukuda became famous for his photos that depicted cityscapes, buildings, and symmetry. Eventually he landed projects with tourism companies and various other firms.




It is a general rule that is to be followed when you want to get good at anything. So, if you are new to Instagram, then practicing your Instagram photography as often as possible would be a great start. It can help you get better and eventually put you on the path to a successful career in photography. Popular Instagramer Chris Ozer had very little to do with photography until he started using Instagram. As he kept practicing shots and uploading them, his fan-base kept growing. Ozer now works with brands such as Facebook, Nike, and Samsung.

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