Rules of Panoramic Photography

Lots of times, photographers come across brilliant subjects that are just too wide for the camera to catch. Their beauty stretches all the way from east to west, making it seem impossible to capture it all at once. Nevertheless, capturing such an image is too much of a temptation to miss out on. This is exactly where Panoramic Photography comes into play. Panoramic Photography is defined as a photography technique that involves shooting images with elongated fields of view. It is also referred to as ‘Wide Format Photography.’


Here are a few tips that are guaranteed to help you capture extraordinary panoramic photos.


Maintain the level of the camera


Panoramic photography generally involves joining multiple images to create the whole. Therefore, while shooting panoramic images, it is necessary to maintain the camera at the same level while you are panning it from one end to the other. Even the slightest change in the level can ruin the entire image, which can very difficult to fix even if you use image editing software.


Eliminate disturbances in the scene


If you happen to be shooting a panoramic image where there are people or any other moving objects, it can upset the entire shot. Ideally speaking, it would be better to shoot panoramas where there are no moving elements or distractions. If that can’t be avoided, you have no choice but to be extremely quick.

© Herzen Cortes

© Herzen Cortes

North, East, West, South


It isn’t enough to just focus on the horizontal aspects of panoramic photography. If you are interested in capturing more detail in your panoramic shots, it would do you good to focus on all sides including up and down.


Overlap properly


This is probably the most important part of panoramic photography. It is necessary to make sure that your images overlap properly. Even the slightest error can lead to discontinuity in your panoramic image.


Shoot in manual


Consistent exposure is an important part of panoramic photography. For this purpose, shooting in manual mode is the best option as you have the freedom to set the exposure level for each shot. You also need to set the focus to manual so that it remains consistent while panning.


Use a tripod


Though it is possible to shoot panoramic shots with your hand, using a tripod will produce much better results any day. A tripod will also help you maintain the proper level. Some tripods also come with levers that make panning much smoother and easier.

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