Shooting Landscapes in Iceland

Iceland is distinctly recognized for its beautiful landscapes and scenery. The country is one of the most visited tourist destinations with over half a million visitors every year. As far as photographers are concerned, Iceland is a destination to die for. It is frequented regularly by amateur and professional photographers who remain seduced by its mystical beauty. So, if you’re visiting Iceland for some photo shooting, here are a few tips to help you capture mind-blowing pictures.


Choose the right season


One of the distinct features of Iceland is that it enjoys a weather pattern that is quite rare and probably non-existent in other parts of the world. Summers are marked by 24 hours of sunlight, which means you’ll never need flash. Most tourists visit the place at this time of the year.


Fall is cold with shorter days, as such; fewer tourists plan their visit to Iceland during this season. Autumn colors are seen throughout Iceland and provide a nice contrast against the mountain snow.
Winters are a bit more challenging with very little light, but, the Northern Lights, Icelandic horses and frozen waterfalls are not worth missing.


Spring brings in migratory birds that come to Iceland to nest. This is perfect if you also happen to be interested in some wildlife photography.


© Gabriela Olmedo

© Gabriela Olmedo

Choosing an ideal time


Shooting in Iceland requires some planning, as each location is unique. The locations have a specific time of the day where the light is ideal for shooting. In order to get the perfect picture, talk to a guide or other photographers for an idea of where to go and when to go there. Joining a photography tour or photo workshop may prove to be one of the best ways to experience this amazing country.


There are a fair amount of tourists who do visit Iceland, which might make it a little difficult to obtain panoramic or landscape shots without people in them. But, the good news is that, most of the popular locations in Iceland are accessible 24×7. So, as a photographer, you have the freedom to visit them at a time when people aren’t around. This will allow you to shoot these locations without any interference.


Choosing the right region


Iceland enjoys a diverse landscape throughout. So, plan ahead and decide which region to visit first. Each region has a unique location. For instance, the south of Iceland is known for its beaches, glaciers, lagoons, and waterfalls while the Northwest by its dramatic fjords.


Protection of equipment


Iceland’s climate can be pretty harsh. It would be safe to carry protective gear for all your equipment, as strong winds, rain, snow, and dust are quite common.

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