Shooting with Plastic Cameras

Plastic cameras or point-and-shoot cameras are a fun way to click photos on the go. They are cheap, lightweight and extremely convenient to carry around. However, a general misconception is that they are not fit for professional photography. Well, it is not the complete true. The truth is, though DSLRs may be technologically advanced and may offer better features as well as resolution, your average point-and-shoot camera is almost as good for taking pictures.


Here are a few tips for you to extract the most out of your plastic camera.


Study the camera


It doesn’t matter whether you have a point-and-shoot or a DSLR. If you don’t know your way around the camera, you will find it hard to shoot good photos. Plastic cameras might appear to be generic, but they are not. Each model is unique with its own set of features and settings. So go through the manual to know how your camera works. Then you can explore the settings on your camera to get a practical idea of how to use it.

© Frank Coronado

© Frank Coronado

Keep shooting


Instead of lugging around your DSLR everywhere, keep it reserved for the professional shoots. When it comes to creating everyday memories, point-and-shoot cameras are great. They are easy to carry around and once you keep shooting, you will get quite good at using them. Try shooting with different settings, shots, styles, and under different lighting. This way, you are sure to master using the camera and can probably even do some professional shoots with it.


Candid photography


Taking a candid shot with a point-and-shoot is much easier because it does not make a lot of noise and is small enough to go unnoticed. These cameras are perfect for creating fun memories and taking funny shots of people when they are unaware of being captured. Since these cameras are handy, you can take them anywhere and build a portfolio of your favorite candid shots.

plastic camera 1

© Frank Coronado


Quick photography


One of the main purposes of a camera is to create memories through pictures. Point-and-shoot cameras are perfect when it comes to that. Though, they may not produce high quality images, they are helpful in taking quick shots. You might end up missing a particular subject by the time you take out your DSLR and tune its settings to get the perfect picture. A point-and-shoot on the other hand, can be carried in your pocket and taken out for a shot when needed.

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