Choosing a DSLR Camera: Things to Consider

As far as high quality photography is concerned, the verdict came in a long time ago. DSLRs are here to stay. It doesn’t take a genius to see that DSLRs are probably the best thing to happen to the world of photography today. They are easy to use, extremely versatile and most importantly, they let you shoot images in extremely high quality, which was next to impossible a couple of decades ago.     However, there are still some subtle differences in each DSLR Camera model and these differences are bound to grow as long as photographic technology continues to…

The Advantages of a DSLR Camera

If you’re a modern day photographer, you probably know why a DSLR camera is the most preferred option. You’ve used it and you know every reason why DSLR’s are the rage among professional and casual photographers these days. However, surprising as it may seem, there are photographer wannabes and aspirants out there who still have a hard time figuring out why DSLRs are so special. So, here is a small list of points that will hopefully convince them.     Speed     DSLRs use a shutter mechanism that enables quick photography. Unlike compact cameras that depend on electronic sensors,…

Iceland Photo Workshop

Join two of Iceland’s best known photographers for this workshop in one of the most fascinating countries in the world. Effi and Ragnar have an intimate knowledge of Iceland´s land and people and will guide students to become better photographers and experience Iceland in a personal way.   This class is for photographers of all levels interested in developing their fine art and documentary photography.   About our Award-Winning Instructors: Rax Ragnar Axelsson &  Einar Falur Ingolfsson   Ragnar Axelsson has dedicated his career to the subsistence hunters, fishermen and farmers of the circumpolar area that live on the fringe of the habitable world….

Mary Ellen Mark’s Oaxaca Workshop

Mary Ellen Mark’s photo workshop in Oaxaca, Mexico, is an inspirational class that she has taught for over 17 years. Our most recent class finished in February and was a great success. We are proud of the wonderful photographs created by each of her students.   We are pleased to share with you the book of the best student work from Mary Ellen’s latest workshop in Oaxaca.