The Advantages of a DSLR Camera

If you’re a modern day photographer, you probably know why a DSLR camera is the most preferred option. You’ve used it and you know every reason why DSLR’s are the rage among professional and casual photographers these days. However, surprising as it may seem, there are photographer wannabes and aspirants out there who still have a hard time figuring out why DSLRs are so special. So, here is a small list of points that will hopefully convince them.






DSLRs use a shutter mechanism that enables quick photography. Unlike compact cameras that depend on electronic sensors, pressing a simple button on the DSLR allows the shutter to open and close. Not only does this allow faster capturing of images, you can also set the shutter according to your specific requirements.



Lens flexibility



As an aspiring photographer, you probably already know that all images cannot be capture using the same type lens. If you want a specific level of detail or a particular effect, you’re going to have to use different lenses. Well, you can do exactly that with a DSLR camera. If you want to capture distant objects, you use a telephoto lens. If you want to cover wide subjects, you use a wide-angle lens. There is a lens for every type of subject and a DSLR lets you use all of them or at least, most of them. Though, some high-end compact cameras have zoom options, they are extremely slow in terms of response, which is not the case with the DSLR, since you get to control the zoom manually.



Low light photography



Regular cameras, pretty much fail at capturing images in low light conditions. DSLRs simply do not. This is because DSLRs let you control various aspects such as shutter speed, aperture, ISO setting and so on. Manipulating these settings allows you to make use of all kinds of ambient lighting that is available to you. With such settings, you don’t even need a flash to click images in low light conditions. You can even adjust how much light enters the camera, which allows you to create unique effects in your images.






Last but not the least; regular digital cameras have electronics controlling their operations. DSLRs provide you with both automatic and manual control. You can switch to whichever you like. If you want more control, you can manipulate the settings as you please. If you just want to take standard images, just switch to automatic and the DSLR will do all the work.

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