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Landscape Photography

Landscapes make for a great subject if you love photography. They evoke a plethora of emotions by showing us how breathtakingly beautiful the world we live in is. The idea of capturing infinite spaces in nature can seem challenging, but it can be very rewarding once you do manage get that perfect landscape shot. However, capturing the perfect landscape shot can be quite tricky and requires more than just your average photographic skills. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you create more impact with your landscape photography.   Tripod is a Must   Probably the most important…

Digital Workflow

As an amateur photographer, you probably would have come across the term, “digital workflow” at some point in time and probably pondered over its meaning. A digital workflow is a term that generally refers to the complete system that involves the capturing of digital images to their final delivery. The workflow for each photographer varies due to the presence of multiple variables, which means that there is no fixed digital work flow that is followed in digital photography. It is up to each individual photographer to establish a workflow that is best suited to their methods and requirements.   A…


Preparation for a Photography Workshop

Pursuing any passion requires preparation and that rule applies to photography too. So, before you venture into learning professional photography, make sure you are at least aware of the basic requirements. It will help you gain more out of the workshop than you would normally expect.   Here are a few ways to make sure you aren’t left behind in the class.   1. Learn the basics: Photography workshops aren’t always designed for beginners or amateurs. So, make sure that you go for a class that is more suitable to your level. If you are new to the world of…

How to Create a Successful Photography Website

These days, having a good website is essential to enjoy a successful business, including Photography. In fact, a website plays an even more significant role when it comes to promoting your photography service. There is nothing like using one visual medium to promote another one.   However, each business has its own specific set of requirements that need to be incorporated into its website and the case is the same when it comes to creating a website for photography business. Here are a few tricks and tips that you can use while developing a photography site of your own.  …

Tips for Freelance Photographer

Freelance photography can be a lucrative career provided you have the passion for photography and are aware of the basic rules. The opportunity to work on your own, without having to answer to anyone might sound great, but being a freelance photographer entails more than just that. You will be forced to handle impractical deadlines and work for little pay. In fact, you may sometimes even go without a pay until your client remembers to write the check.   Being a freelance photographer can be hard and requires a lot of dedication as well as sincerity on your part. However,…

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Photographers Guide to Instagram

Instagram witnesses an influx of over 60 million photographs every day. The app has single-handedly revolutionized the art of photography in a matter of just a few years. Thanks to Instagram, photography has a new-found love and appreciation like never before. The app has managed to arouse the creative genius hiding inside every individual across the globe. It continues to serve as a unique platform to aspiring photographers who want to market their skills to the larger audience. So, here are few ways in which you can use Instagram to launch your photography career.   Keep posting   Keep clicking…

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Understanding the Use of Light in Photography

Light is an important element of photography. It can be manipulated in a number of ways to achieve the effect you want your photograph to impart. As a photographer, you have to work with different kinds of lighting. One is natural light, for which you don’t have carry any extra equipment around. Here’s a look at some ways in which you can use natural light to your subject’s/scene’s advantage for high-impact photographs.   Natural light for indoor photography You don’t have to be outside to use natural light for photography. One way of doing this is by taking pictures of…

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Shooting with Plastic Cameras

Plastic cameras or point-and-shoot cameras are a fun way to click photos on the go. They are cheap, lightweight and extremely convenient to carry around. However, a general misconception is that they are not fit for professional photography. Well, it is not the complete true. The truth is, though DSLRs may be technologically advanced and may offer better features as well as resolution, your average point-and-shoot camera is almost as good for taking pictures.

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Tips for the Street Photographer

Street photography is simultaneously among the most rewarding and the most challenging genres. When you’re there at that serendipitous moment, just a few seconds away from clicking a masterpiece, the last thing you want is to end up taking a shoddy photograph.

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How to Make a Great Portrait

Most photographers love shooting portraits because it is one of the most challenging things to do. It’s all about getting the right angle, lighting, composition, posture and so on. Portrait photography requires continuous interaction between the subject and the photographer, which makes it even more complex. So, to make things as easy as possible, here are a few tips to improve your portrait photography skills and make your portraits more unique.   Change the angle or perspective   Generic portraits are usually taken at an eye level. To give your portraits a unique touch, try playing around with the angles…