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Stories behind Magdalena Sole´s images – Part II

Image above: R.A Catchings & Leonard Henderson at WE J´S © Magdalena Solé   I searched for the perfect chapel all over the Mississippi Delta until I found the Brooklyn Chapel in Greenwood. Not only was the chapel and the light just right, but also the cotton was at its fullest and the clouds that day perfectly mimicked the shape of the cotton balls. I didn’t know the picture existed until I found it.   R.A Catchings & Leonard Henderson at WE J´S © Magdalena Solé   It was still light outside when I took this picture at WE’J’s bar…


Stories behind Magdalena Sole´s images – Part I

Magdalena Sole recently shared with us some of the techniques behind her images.   MAGDALENA SOLÉ is a social documentary photographer. She is best known for her vibrant and complex color work. Visual language has been her life’s work. In 1989 she founded TransImage, a graphic design studio, in New York City. In 2002 she graduated with a Masters of Fine Art in Film from Columbia University. Her last film, “Man On Wire”, on which she was the Unit Production Manager, won an Oscar in 2009. She has taught in Europe and the US.   Her projects span the globe….

Captura video Tino

Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, Mexico

  In the state capital, Oaxaca City, the festivities of Día de los Muertos begin a week before the 1st and 2nd of November. Day of the Dead is the most time-honored and expressive holiday. It is an example of the harmonious relationship between Christianity and the pre-hispanic traditions found in this Mexican state. Dressed as doctors, judges, teachers, tennis players and prostitutes, The “Catrinas” (female skeletons representations), engage in all kinds of activities from dancing, praying and drinking to hair styling and singing. Every conceivable profession and pastime is burlesqued and well represented in the “comparsas”(Day of the Dead…


Interview with Tino Soriano

We recently spoke with National Geographic Photographer Tino Soriano about his career, his photography and the upcoming Day of the Dead Workshop that he will be leading in Oaxaca, Mexico, this October.   When did you know you wanted to pursue photography as a career? There was a moment when I discovered that a photograph is a magical object. It allows you to keep a memory of what has already happened, of what is already past precisely from the moment in which the shutter was pressed. When you photograph a 10 year old child, he will always be like that,…