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Understanding Digital Files Meta-data in Photography

If you’ve just started out with photography, chances are you have come across digital meta-data quite often. So let’s get onto with it right away and see what is digital meta-data and how it can be helpful to a photographer.   What’s meta-data?   Meta-data at its simplest translates to ‘data about data’, what this means is meta-data holds information about digital images. As you may already be aware, digital images can be stored in multiple formats such as PNG, TIFF or JPG. What meta-data does is stores data about these digital images so that its different data points are…

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What to Shoot in Japan

Think Japan, think color and vibrancy. It is a beautiful amalgamation of both modern and traditional cultural elements. You will still see the ancient rituals and customs in the midst of modernity characterized by the concrete skyscrapers. Some of the old practices which continue to be a common sight are sumo wrestling, meditation and the tea ceremony. At the same time, Japan has become a growing hub of bold contemporary fashion with the advent of a new wave of subcultures.   Documentary Photography Journey in Japan with Magdalena Sole As a photographer, if you wish to explore photography in greater…

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Why Photographers Must Visit Myanmar

Myanmar has undergone a lot of changes. Even though it has been a struggle coping up with the military rule and the consequential stagnation in growth, it is now finally opening up to the world. For a very long time, Myanmar has been deprived of any global contact or influence and has been left isolated as against several other neighboring Asian countries which have developed rapidly with globalization, industrialization and tourism. However, all that is changing now. Myanmar has a strong and unique culture, which is new to the outsiders. So Myanmar is one of the perfect places for a…

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New York as a Photographic Destination

New York City is buzzing with cameras. Majority of the visitors would try and capture the most iconic landmarks in the city such as the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. However, professional travel photographers typically try and capture the city’s spirit by viewing it through the eyes of a local.   Below are some of the most amazing locations to shoot in New York City. It doesn’t if you are using a professional DSLR camera or your smartphone, you will definitely get some outstanding pictures at these locations. So get on with your camera of choice and…


  In the earlier times, images used to be captured onto a film which was sensitive to light and then were developed in a dark room. This way a negative copy of the image was produced. But with the advent of advanced digital photography, all pictures are saved in the digital file format. In order to view this file, it needs to be decoded. Three main kinds of files are typically used for this purpose. They are RAW, JPEG and TIFF.   Understanding different digital file formats   Entry level cameras usually offer only one kind of file format, i.e….


Mary Ellen Mark’s Oaxaca Workshop

Mary Ellen Mark’s photo workshop in Oaxaca, Mexico, is an inspirational class that she has taught for over 17 years. Our most recent class finished in February and was a great success. We are proud of the wonderful photographs created by each of her students.   We are pleased to share with you the book of the best student work from Mary Ellen’s latest workshop in Oaxaca.  

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Getting the Best Out of Your Smartphone Camera

There has been a lot of technological development in camera phones in the last few years. The smartphone cameras commonly used today might not still be equipped to take high-end quality images at one go; however, you can follow some tips to get the best possibly quality images out of the camera of your smartphone.   Crop Instead of Zooming   Several smartphone cameras will offer you a function called the ‘digital zoom’. But it is best to avoid using this function altogether. You will begin to notice in the preview itself that the picture quality gets degraded the moment…

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Creating Special Effects with Your Camera

It isn’t too hard to create special effects in photographs today. With several accessories and highly advanced image editing software available everywhere, trick photography is a thing of the past. However, nothing can beat the pure joy of creating something with your own camera and adding special effects the old school way is just too much fun. As an added advantage, it also helps build your creativity and strengthens your photographic skills.   Here are some of the fun tricks and special effects you can create with your camera:   Shooting reflections   An interesting special effect or trick you…

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Rules of Panoramic Photography

Lots of times, photographers come across brilliant subjects that are just too wide for the camera to catch. Their beauty stretches all the way from east to west, making it seem impossible to capture it all at once. Nevertheless, capturing such an image is too much of a temptation to miss out on. This is exactly where Panoramic Photography comes into play. Panoramic Photography is defined as a photography technique that involves shooting images with elongated fields of view. It is also referred to as ‘Wide Format Photography.’   Here are a few tips that are guaranteed to help you…


Landscape Photography

Landscapes make for a great subject if you love photography. They evoke a plethora of emotions by showing us how breathtakingly beautiful the world we live in is. The idea of capturing infinite spaces in nature can seem challenging, but it can be very rewarding once you do manage get that perfect landscape shot. However, capturing the perfect landscape shot can be quite tricky and requires more than just your average photographic skills. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you create more impact with your landscape photography.   Tripod is a Must   Probably the most important…